Should your valve clearances need adjusting, we replace all sealer washers and gaskets
   with new components.
Major Service From £195
Service Price Guide
All Inclusive of parts. As you can appreciate motorcycle parts prices can vary
significantly according to model so please call for an accurate quote
• A Thorough Check of your Valve Clearances*
• An Oil change - Specify your Grade
• New Oil Filter - OE specification
• New Air Filter - OE Specification
 Sometimes it is necessary to completely remove the carburettors in order to adjust the
    valve clearances correctly. Should this prove necessary,
    we remove the float bowl and clean all jets to ensure perfect running.
Short Service
he Short Service Consists of a Change of Oil and Filter Plus Chain Adjustment
& Lubrication as well as a Thorough Inspection of Virtually all the Items Covered
 in a Full Service - Almost Everything we Can Check Without Actually Dismantling
Your Vehicle.
Major Service
On all Major Servicing, it is Necessary to Check and Adjust the
Valve Clearances on Your Motorcycle. Certain Items like, Steering
Head Bearings and Rear Swinging Arm Bearings, Wheel Bearings
need to be Inspected as well. This is in
 to Everything you
can Expect from the Full Service.
Chassis & Brakes
• Brake Callipers Removed & Cleaned
• Brake Pistons De greased,Brake Linings Checked
• Hydraulic Fluid System Flushed
• All Levers & Pivots Cleaned and Lubricated
• Throttle & Clutch Adjustment
• General Lubrication and Inspection
• Tyre Pressures Checked and Adjusted
• Chain Adjustment and Lubrication
• All Lights Checked
Interim Service From £75
ull Service From £100
6000-12000 Miles or Annual
Full Service
Engine & Carburettors
We will adjust the pilot jet/air volume for optimum performance
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